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''Sanbo'' in ''SANBOZEN'' means
''three treasures,''
the three most basic principles of Buddhism:

Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

   Short History of the SANBOZEN      ''The SANBOZEN is a Zen-Buddhist Religious Foundation.....''
   The Fundamental Positon
      of the SANBOZEN:
     ''It is to stand at the origin point of Buddhism through the Dharma.....''
   Words from the Abbots

    * Is Zen a “religion”?
    * People do not die.
    * Was Descartes right?

   SANBOZEN Zen Leaders
      with Their Zen Centers:
     ''The following is the list of people who are formally authorized to.....''
   About the SANBOZEN      ''Those who would like to join the Zen activiaties sponsored by .....''
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 New!   → Kyosho 385 (2018 6 - 8 English) is up!
  → Kyosho 386 (2018 Autumn Japanese) is up!

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Our official magazine Current number
* KYÔSHÔ #385 (2018 6, Englisch)
* KYÔSHÔ #386 (Autumn, 2018 Japanese)
** Group picture of the 192th San'un Zendo Sesshin (Novemberr27~December2)
** Library: [ KYÔSHÔ ] Back numbers
** Introductory Lectures: Sosan-no-Hanashi
** Koan Collections: * Mumonkan
* Hekiganroku
* Shoyoroku
* Denkoroku

Teisho by Yamada Ryoun Roshi on the Koan Collections  
Mumonkan 01-10 [Japanish-englisch]
** Teishos: * Translation of Yamada Koun Roshi's Teisho on the Hekiganroku(Blue Cliff Record)
* Translation of Yamada Koun Roshi's Teisho on the Shoyoroku(Book of Equanimity)
** 2018 Schedule of the SANBOZEN in Japan
** Sutras: * Hannnya-Shingyo
* Shigu-Seiganmon (Four Great Vows)
       Change of Dates of Zazenkai/
       Sesshin, Change of Addresses of the Teachers, Other Matters /
       Various Inquiries
   Miscellaneous      Selected Bibliography

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     ** 2018. September 5 : Kyosho No. 385 (English) has been mounted.
** 2018. November 26 : Kyosho No. 386 (Japanese) has been mounted.

** The group picture of the 192th San'un Zendo Sesshin is posted in the Members’ Forum.
    If you are interested in it, you can download it yourself.

** Teisho by Yamada Ryoun Roshi on the Koan Collections ≪ Mumonkan ≫

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